The haire group team

The corrugated industry's most dedicated team

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  • Doug Muller, Chairman of the Board

    Having been with Haire Group nearly since its inception in 1976, Doug provides the proven leadership skills that helped to shape Haire’s reputation as a friendly and reliable company. He has personally led the formation of Dong Fang America (DFA) to enhance customer support via U.S.-based parts, service and training with Apstar rotary die cutters and Topra flexo-folder-gluers. Doug is an avid golfer but always sets time aside for his sons and many grandchildren.
  • Herb Passo, President

    Herb expertly manages all financial business and contracts on behalf of Haire Group. He has provided great continued stabilization and leadership as Haire has expanded its role of new machinery installation and support via DFA. Herb has been with the company for over 25 years.
  • Keith Umlauf, Executive VP of Sales

    Keith is instrumental in maintaining communication and coordination with a raft of salesmen to be sure Haire Group’s “people first” business model is always #1. Keith, who also has been with the company for 25 years, is active in industry trade organizations, his community and his faith. “It’s a challenge every day, but a gratifying challenge knowing that our customers rely on us for the best machinery choices.”
  • Jeff Quinn, VP and General Manager

    Jeff has been with Haire Group for more than 30 years. He has been invaluable in his role of shaping the company’s infrastructure to accommodate the additional DFA support personnel, both in the office and in the field. In addition, Jeff is a longtime member of AICC and TAPPI. He currently is the incoming Chairman for the Corrugated Packaging Council (CPC) TAPPI board. “In the world we live in today, communication technology is always changing, so our challenge is to keep everyone at our company in clear communication with customers. Whether involving office personnel or DFA techs in the field, we want clear and consistent interaction using the latest devices.” Jeff is also an avid golfer and remains active in leadership roles at his church.
  • Ben Liskey, Sales

    Ben has been instrumental at Haire Group for 20 years. His many customers appreciate his thorough transaction follow-through and careful attentiveness to detail. Ben has personally been involved with quite a few new Apstar and Topra machinery installations. Thanks to his success with new machinery, he has enjoyed a lot of Dong Fang repeat purchases.
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  • Bill Pratt, Director, New Machinery Sales

    Bill has been involved with corrugated equipment sales and sales leadership for 35 years, and his in-depth knowledge about converting equipment offers Haire a unique perspective for innovative ways to assist customers. “The consistent high quality of Dong Fang and Eterna machinery has been quite impressive. Representing these two fine companies has been a genuine pleasure, as they both use only the highest grades of steel and known, proven components. Our customers’ satisfaction levels have been off the charts.”
  • Dong Fang America Team

  • Bill Heintz, COO

    Bill brings a unique skill set to his role as DFA Chief Operating Officer after having spent 34 years at Ideal Box Co. in Chicago as vice president. As a result, Bill  truly understands all aspects regarding new machinery installation and continued support. By directly effecting an increase in customer trust and satisfaction, Bill has put an indelible customer-oriented imprint on daily DFA operations. He summed it up well when he said, “Helping to shape DFA has been a genuine pleasure, and I’m proud to say that DFA’s technical capabilities and quick response times are now among the best in the business. When I was an operations manager, this was the caliber of service I always expected from machinery manufacturers but rarely received."
  • Doug Becker, General Manager

    Doug has served Haire Group for 30 years. Doug is factory-trained with a thorough knowledge of every aspect of Dong Fang machinery. “Our experienced DFA staff for installation, training, parts and service stands ready to assist 24/7."

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