For more than 40 years, Haire Group has been serving the corrugated converted box machinery market, and we have worked tirelessly to build and sustain lasting customer relationships. As in everything we do, relationships with our customers are predicated on 4 abiding qualities – honesty, integrity, knowledge and expertise.

Our customers know…

  • They can count on us to deliver superior machinery solutions at a fair price
  • They can trust that we will stand behind what we sell
  • They can expect superior customer service at every level

But don’t take our word for it, just ask our customers:

  • ”When comparing rotary die cutters in 2006, we traveled to Dong Fang and were impressed with the Apstar design and quality. We immediately bought a 5-color model, and were pleased enough with its performance and world class support to subsequently order a two-color version for one of our sheet plants, as well as 3 Apstar printers that we put in front of a flatbed die cutter.”
    - Justin Hill, Lawrence Paper Co.

    ”Our Apstar HG die cutter has proven to be one of our most reliable machinery lines since the day it was installed. We run it full-out with a lot of orders on a daily basis. Our operators are so good they’ve gotten average set-up times down to 9 ½ minutes – and their objective is to shorten them even further! Great machinery.”
    - Martin Suhr, Jayhawk Boxes

    "The purpose of every equipment investment is to deliver ample annuities for years to come, to shift the ground beneath your feet. In the case of Sutherland, elevate a 50-year-old display company into a direct-print powerhouse. Big equipment is big risk. Haire Group played a pivotal role in our upgrade. Most important to us - integrity, ethics and engineering proficiency. Haire has your back every step of the way."
    - Tom Sutherland, President, Sutherland Packaging, Inc.

    ”The Apstar has been an excellent acquisition. It’s performed well, and its optional dual-slotting has given us great versatility.”
    - Joe Lieberman, Merrill Industries
  • I would like to highlight the quality of product on our 7 color Apstar. It has been almost four years since installation and our machine still holds 1/64" registration, no different than when new. Print quality at 85 to 100 line screen appears to be near litho quality. When the need for a second Apstar arrives, we are confident that a Haire Group machine will once again provide an installation as quick and painless as the first."
    - Mario Russo, President, RFC Container Company

    “Our Apstar is meeting or exceeding our goals for setups and run times. The installation was seamless and you are underselling your support capabilities.”
    - Joe Russell, CFO, Great Southern Industries

    “Acme installed our Dong Fang Apstar 1632 Rotary Die Cutter in December 2007. The machine has performed as expected since installation. Another nice feature with Dong Fang/Haire Group is that all the wear parts are commercially accessible and can be obtained (for the most part) via local suppliers using the data from Dong Fang’s parts manuals. If we are in a bind, Haire Group/DFA can access our machine remotely via Ethernet connection to get “online” with the machine. This cuts down on downtime if our staff is puzzled. HaireGroup/DFA is quick to respond to parts inquiries and parts are typically available in the US. Overall, we are very pleased with this line as it continues to be a big contributor to our company’s success!”
    - Jeremy Cohen, Acme Corrugated Box

    Abbott-Action Installs Inside/Out APSTAR RDC  

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