The quality, accuracy and dependability of the Apstar HS’ all–servo design proves that you don’t have to spend more to get more. The confidence of servo technology will allow you to take on the most challenging print jobs. Servo controls allow you to run different print plate thicknesses and compensate for printing plate stretch. Your Apstar HS can be customized to meet your plant's every printing and die cutting need. All the features needed to excel in the growing world of direct-print graphics come standard on the Apstar HS, including inline sheet cleaning, dust control, full vacuum sheet transfer, repeatable computer settings, closed-loop chambered ink metering, dual ink pumps per printer and much more. In addition, optional value-added enhancements, such as infrared drying and UV curing lamps, create greater efficiency and improved market penetration. Meeting the same performance criteria as machinery several times the price, the Apstar HS can improve both your capabilities and your bottom line!

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