The quality, accuracy and dependability of the APSTAR HS2’s all-servo design proves that you don’t have to spend more to get more.

Servo Technology Keeps You Moving

Nearly every conceivable control and convenience comes standard on every APSTAR HS2. The confidence of servo technology will allow you to take on the most challenging print jobs in our industry. Servo controls allow you to run different print plate thicknesses and compensate for printing plate stretch. Your APSTAR HS2 can be customized to meet your plant’s every printing and die cutting need.

All the features you need to excel in the growing world of direct-print graphics come standard on the APSTAR HS2, including inline sheet cleaning, dust control, full vacuum sheet transfer, repeatable computer settings, closed-loop chambered ink metering, dual ink pumps and much more. Meeting the same performance criteria as machinery several times the price, the APSTAR HS2 can improve both your capabilities and your bottom line!

Standard Features

  • Extended-length vacuum transfer feed section for better feed to first down print registration
  • Remote Ethernet connection for 24/7 support
  • Complete computer controls for quick setups, repeatable quality and the fine adjustments needed for exacting printing requirements
  • Convenient one-box setup capabilities
  • Extended-length print sections with close-loop chambered ink metering
  • Peristaltic and ARO dual-diaphragm pumps per print section
  • SUN MicroGrind for a consistent cutting and creasing surface throughout the useful life of the anvil blankets
  • Complete onboard air/dust management system to carry all exhausted air from feed table, inline sheet cleaner and sheet-transfer through an integrated ductwork system into large, floor-level dust collection system filter



When you've been in the business as long as we
have, you start to be able to anticipate the market's
needs. That's why Haire isn't experiencing year-plus 
wait times on APSTARs. 

Have yours installed in 2024!

The Leader in Printing Inside the Box

A new age is upon us. Customers have come to expect a more thoroughly branded experience at each touchpoint in the customer journey. That is perhaps never more clear than in unboxing. Top-and-bottom printing means you can create a completely branded unboxing experience for your customers. Simply put, it makes unboxing your product more delightful and enhances brand perception.

Haire Group is proud to have been at the forefront of the top-and-bottom printing revolution.

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