Looking to increase productivity while delivering a cleaner product? Look no further than the HG2 Scrap Master.

Clean Bundles Mean Happy Customers

By adding the Scrap Master to your HG2 APSTAR flexo folder gluer, scrap ejection is controlled. As a result, die-cut blanks containing a lot of interior scrap will run faster and better. Because the Scrap Master efficiently removes scrap, it doesn’t get caught in the glue head or folding rails, significantly reducing jams.

The End Product

Because of the Scrap Master, the counter ejector delivers bundles that are very clean and relatively scrap-free. Consequently, and most importantly, clean bundles create even happier customers.

Increased Productivity

The Scrap Master helps measurably increase the productivity of your APSTAR HG2 flexo folder gluer. It can be set up to run two-up printed and die-cut blanks that can be cleaned of scrap, separated at the stripping section, folded and glued as individual boxes, and then presented to the counter ejector. Greater efficiency, increased productivity, and a cleaner product all work together to increase profit potential.



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