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At Haire Group, we work hard to become foundational to our clients’ success by understanding their needs and offering innovative technology and machinery solutions that lead
to greater profitability.
We care about people and we are here to help customers succeed. Your success is our success, and we are happy to share in that together.
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“Once we laid the groundwork and put our plan in motion, we knew we were going to have mid-size flexos and die cutters but we definitely knew we wanted a worldclass Jumbo. We found it in the Engico.”

- Nick Smith, President/CEO at Rand-Whitney

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Volk Packaging Corporation

“The Apstar HG2 1228 is running at about 13,000 an hour, which is 215-216 a minute and that’s about twice what our old machine was running at. AND, about 6 times what our machines on the other side of the building were running at. It’s running smooth and running quality boxes. And that’s what it’s all about!”

- Derek Volk, Chief Executive Officer

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Diamondback Corrugated Container, LLC

"Thank you to Haire Group for working with us by sending your team here to make an amazing machine work even better…You guys are an amazing partner, and we’re grateful for what you bring to the relationship to make us a better box company for our clients." 

- John J. Bradley Jr, Chief Box Maker and Managing Partner/Owner

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Cumberland Container

“The Apstar HG2’s features make it a stand-out machine. When you combine that with parts that can be sourced locally and are in stock in Merrillville, IN the Apstar quickly became the clear choice.”

- Andrew Miller, Operations Manager

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